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China to Canada vancouver 157cm*108cm*65cm,660KG LCL

The operation of this channel is as follows: 1. We will quote the corresponding price to the customer according to the goods data, product picture, product name and consignee address provided by the customer 2. After confirming the price with the customer, we will ask the customer whether they need to pick up the goods, if so, we will arrange the logistics to pick up the goods, if not, we will send the warehouse address to the customer's supplier and let them deliver the goods to our warehouse. 3. After receiving the goods, the warehouse will weigh and measure the goods, and then send the data to the customer for confirmation. After confirmation, the tracking number delivered by the back-end UPS will be attached to the goods and sent to the customer. 4. We will send the goods to the airport warehouse and wait for the flight. After the flight takes off, we will conduct customs clearance for the goods. 5. After UPS has delivered the goods to the consignee, we will send the bill to the customer and ask him to pay us the freight. The above is the operation process of this channel, which is generally very convenient. In addition to air + express in Canada, we also have international express, sea + express, sea + truck LCL,FCL and other channels. If you would like to know more, please contact Jerry at the following contact information: Email:Jerry@epolar-zj.com Skpye:live:.cid.2d48b874605325fe Whatsapp:http://wa.me/8615157231969

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