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2000kg 100cartons Knit shirt matson EXPRESS clx to NY 08518

One day in June, we received an inquiry from an American customer, who needed to transport 2000kg 100 boxes of garments from Jiangxi, China to New York, America. As he was in an urgent need of replenishment, he required the goods to arrive at his warehouse in New York within 25 days after the ship left. We quote the customer according to the requirements of the maston CLX channels, the price of the goods through the channel is the first maston CLX after 12 days of transport arrived in long beach, after our staff deliver the cargo to the United States in the United States local staff to send UPS, the goods from the boat to the consignee warehouse, is expected to take about 18 to 22 days. In addition, during the transportation from the ship to the consignee's warehouse, we will buy transportation insurance for the customer. In case of lost parts, we will compensate the customer according to the value of the goods. After the customer received our quotation, he asked us to contact the domestic factory and arrange the follow-up matters of cargo transportation. After contacting the factory, we will arrange the pick-up time. After the goods are transported to our warehouse, we will be responsible for the subsequent operations. Matson CLX ships at fixed time every Wednesday, after which we will update the tracking table to the customer.    Maston CLX is one of our DDP/ door to door shipping channels, which is suitable for carton packed goods, and carton circumference should not exceed 260CM, weight per carton should not exceed 22kg. The advantages of this channel are fast transportation speed and stable aging. If the goods are not packed in cartons, we can also go through other channels. For details, please send email to consult sales.

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