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Do you have any other branches in China?

Yes, we have branches in Ningbo, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Yiwu in China.

What is your main mode of transport?

Our main modes of transportation are air transportation, sea transportation and express delivery.

Can you ship other goods except delivery to Amazon warehouse?

Yes, we can also do other transportation, the main product is to do amazon warehouse.

May I ask whether the customs clearance of Amazon USA can include tax?

Yes, we can use our importer, tax is included.

Can you introduce some of amazon’s main shipping methods?

Express 2-3 days.

Air&express 10-12days.

Fastship&express 15-20 days.

Slowship&truck  25-35 days.

Depending on the warehouse location, there will be different time gaps.

If the label is wrong, can you help label it?

Yes, you can change the label.

If I ship one lot in two different ways, will it save cost?

Yes, you can generally save at least 30% of the cost.

What if the goods have batteries or need to be certified?

You need to provide a certificate before you can transport, we do not do dangerous goods.

How to compensate for the loss of the goods?

If the goods are lost in transit, we will compensate according to the purchase value of the goods, so we need to provide the purchase invoice and payment slip. In addition, insurance premium has been included in our quotation.

If the goods have arrived in the United States, but they need to be returned and the labels changed, can they be handled?

We can deal with similar problems.

If the customer is going to inspect the goods, can you go to the factory to inspect the goods?

Yes, we can arrange someone to come to check the goods.

How to inquire cargo tracking?

We will make tracking details regularly and send them to your email every week to timely inform you of the situation of the goods.

Do you have any overseas operations?

Yes, we have warehouses in the United States and Europe.

Can you send one on your behalf?

Yes, delivery can be arranged through our warehouse using UPS/USPS etc.

What is the price of your service?

The exact price can be offered when the details of your goods finalized, like weight, volume, loaded city and destination city.

How can I pay you?

You can pay us by bank transfer(T/T), Western Union and so on.

When shall I pay you?

Commonly, for sea freight shipment, you can pay us after the goods sailed.

And for air/express freight shipment, you need to pay us before the goods take off.

My supplier has no right to export. Can you help me export the goods?

Yes, we can. We can buy the export license, do the customs declaration and hip the goods out to you.

Can you help me inspect our goods?

Yes, we can help do that for you. Please offer your detail requirements for the inspectio.

Can you help pick up our goods from the inland of China?

Yes, we can help do that for you. Please offer the exact address for picking up.

We will not only ship your cargo out from china, but also help you solve any unpredictable problems.

Help you coordinate with suppliers, customs, shipping lines, trucking, inspection agent.