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Deliver the goods from China to FTW1 warehouse in the United States by air freight + express

Product Description

One day in January, a customer came to us and said they were out of stock due to a sudden increase in sales of a product on Their Amazon platform. Therefore, they want us to send a batch of empty goods to Amazon warehouse in the United States for replenishment. The specific data of the goods is 150kg, 10CTNS, 0.8cbm, and the factory is in Ningbo. Therefore, we reported the cost of air delivery to the customer, and the unit price was 6.8USD/KG. After the customer agrees, we ask the operator to arrange logistics to pick up the goods at the factory. After the goods are brought to our Warehouse in Shanghai, the staff of our warehouse in Shanghai will measure and weigh the goods, and then attach the surface list of UPS express. After everything is done, the goods will be shipped to Los Angeles by a direct flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles. After the goods arrive in Los Angeles, our local American colleagues will clear the goods. After the completion of customs clearance, the goods will be pulled to our warehouse in the United States, and then the goods will be delivered to UPS staff for distribution. Finally, it will take about 12 days for the goods to be picked up and put into the warehouse, and the customer is very satisfied with this kind of time limit. It takes about 1-2 days for the west and 3-4 days for the East. The time limit of air freight and express delivery is about 7-10 working days. For air freight, we choose direct flights from Shanghai to Los Angeles, which basically fly on the same day and arrive on the same day. The time limit is strictly controlled. Our main receiving warehouse is in Shanghai, because there are more direct flights to America in Shanghai, so it is easy to arrange goods.

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