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400kg 20boxs umbrella China to UK by air DDP

One of our long-time British clients emailed us to ask about the goods she often asked us to ship after Brexit. Speaking before take off after the treatment, I introduce the customer first, the customer is often let us to help him with English before DDP tax package shipping, air transport and railway, but due to the recent British after take off the goods from other eu countries will be secondary duties, so our British DDP tax package channel, suspended. In view of this situation, we recommend the customer to provide us with the local VAT number and EORI number in the UK. We will help him to clear customs and pay the tariff in advance. After that, we will give the tax form provided by the customs to the customer and ask the customer to pay the tariff to us. After receiving our reply, the customer asked us to quote the price of the following goods, 400kg 20BOXs umbrella. We will quote 6USD/KG+ tariff to the customer and send them to his warehouse in Britain in about 12 days. After receiving our email, the customer will immediately send us a book and let us contact the factory to arrange shipment as soon as possible. We will immediately arrange the logistics to pick up the goods at the factory, and then we will arrange the latest flight to deliver the goods after they arrive at our warehouse in Shanghai. Finally, when the goods arrive at Heathrow Airport, we conduct customs clearance according to the VAT number and EORI number provided by the customer. After customs clearance, the goods will be sent to the customer's warehouse by the local logistics company. We take the tax form and sign for the one-way customer to collect the freight of the goods.

 DDP is transported by air from China to the UK. We have three receiving warehouses in China, which are respectively in Shenzhen Baoan, Shanghai Pudong and Yiwu. We can arrange logistics to pick up goods from all provinces in China, and there are flights from Shanghai and Shenzhen to the UK every week. The overall aging is controlled within 12-15 days.


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