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93kg 0.5CBM diaphragm China to Kuwait FOB

In Shanghai, four in May this year, because of the influence of the outbreak, the whole city closed for nearly two months, in June, after the return to work, it began to export a lot of goods, also began to busy in pudong airport, in the wave of exports, we also have customer let's help him to arrange a ticket air cargo export, cargo by air from China, shipped to Kuwait, The freight had better be cheaper. At that time, I checked the cargo flights from Shanghai to Kuwait for the customer, and the information was as follows: EY +100KG 46RMB/KG Sundry fee 210RMB Flight date every Wednesday/Thursday/May/June / 7th AUH transfer time is about 3-5 days. After the customer confirms the price, we will help him arrange logistics to pick up the goods at the factory, and after the goods are in the warehouse, We confirm the data to the customer, and after the data is confirmed, we will ship the goods to the warehouse of the terminal and wait for the flight on Friday. The goods will be sent to ABU Dhabi International Airport in 2 days and wait for the second flight and arrive in Kuwait one day later.It took about 4 days for the cargo to arrive in Kuwait after the plane took off. We have been taking the air route from Shanghai to Kuwait. In addition to EY airline, we also have the direct flight route of QR airline, which is every Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. The flight duration is the same day and the same day. Each flight requires the cargo to arrive at pudong Airport warehouse one day in advance.At present, we are receiving the goods in these two air routes normally. As long as the goods are in cities near Shanghai, such as Suzhou, Nantong, Huai 'an, Wuxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hangzhou and other places, we advise customers to send the goods to Shanghai airport for export.

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