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10boxs 200kg sharpener to Amazon IND9 warehouse by sea+express

With the development of The Times, Amazon has a growing influence in the world, and many foreign trade companies around the world have set up shops on the platform. In order to meet the needs of Amazon sellers, we have launched different shipping + express channels for Amazon stores in different countries. This time, we will introduce our American shipping + express channel, which is divided into Universal shipping + express and Matson Shipping + Express. This time, we will focus on universal shipping + express, and the ships used by Universal shipping + Express are all ships belonging to OA alliances such as EMC, COSCO, OOCL. It only takes about 15 days to reach the Port of Los Angeles from Ningbo, Shanghai or Shenzhen. The transportation time is a few days slower than Matson, but the price is much cheaper than Matson. A customer asked us about the shipping + express price of 10BOXs 200kg to IND9 warehouse in the United States. At that time, the price of universal shipping + express was only 2USD/KG, while that of Matsen was 2.5USD/KG. The freight difference between the two was 100 USD. Since the customer was not very strict on the transportation time, we chose the Universal shipping + express. After confirming the price, we will arrange the logistics personnel to pick up the goods from the supplier, send the goods to our warehouse, and then load the goods in our warehouse. Before the ship leaves, we will inform the customer to pay the freight to our designated collection account. After confirming receipt of the freight, our colleagues in the United States will deliver the goods to the UPS staff for delivery. In the whole process of transportation, we will buy full insurance for the goods, so that if the goods are lost or damaged later, we can timely find the insurance company to settle the claim.  

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