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FCL shipment to Dubai

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In the evening of mid-May, I had a barbecue with a colleague. When we were having dinner, we talked about the FCL transportation of China's export to Dubai. Dubai as an important port in the Middle East, monthly container throughput is huge. At that time, he happened to have a client who wanted to ship the whole container to Dubai. The address of the container was Wuzhen, Jiaxing City. The goods weighed 15 tons and could be loaded on May 23. Peer data I took down, and he had finished eating, I will according to the data provided by the he asked our company's business specific price, quote counterparts, according to the price of the business counterparts felt that the price can be, and then pulled a group of docking operation, operation personnel according to the shipping company in the group schedule appointment with factory loading time, After loading, we will declare the goods to the Chinese customs according to the customs declaration materials provided by the factory. After the Chinese Customs release, the goods will be piled in the port area. After the ship arrives at the port, the port staff will load the goods onto the ship. Thirty days later, when the ship arrived in Dubai, the customer went to the port yard to pick up the goods with the original BILL of lading provided by us. After picking up the goods, the consignee confirmed that there was no problem with the goods and made the balance payment to the customer. FCL transportation is one of our main products, which can be used in various countries around the world. The article only introduces one line from Ningbo, China to Dubai, and there are many FCL routes. If you want to know more, please contact our salesman for communication.

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