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10KG 1.6*0.15*0.13m china to France by UPS express

We started to do international express business in 2015, and have long-term cooperation with FedEx, UPS,DHL and TNT. At present, we can take delivery of goods nationwide, mainly for export in Shanghai and Shenzhen. The time limit to the United States is kept at 2-3 working days, and the time limit to Europe is kept at 5-7 working days. In the remaining countries, the time limit is between 2 and 7 working days. Moreover, we do not have any restrictions on the products we undertake. We can transport batteries, pure batteries, liquids and powders. These products will be shipped to Hong Kong, and then transported to various countries through DHL,FedEx, UPS and TNT in Hong Kong. In the seven years, we received all kinds of inquiry, has a wealth of operating experience, the following will tell a send UPS Courier to France, unilateral long case: one day in August, we received a French customer's mail, he was looking for China to France's international express delivery agency, ask whether we can transport for him. After we received his email, we asked him to give us the picture of the goods, the name of the product, the size of the carton, whether the battery is brought, whether the liquid and powder are brought. After sending the email, the customer asked us to add his WhatsApp friend, and then send the goods information to me through WhatsApp, which was also convenient for communication. Final confirmation after the data, we found the goods he is very long, then accounting a price for him, after customer received our quotation, for a cost accounting feel feasible, let us to arrange the transport of the goods, when we received after the supplier's information, he is with his supplier communication, such as his suppliers deliver the goods ready, we will withdraw the goods, After arriving at our warehouse, the goods will be weighed and measured. Finally, the goods will be affixed with UPS surface sheet, and then the goods will be transferred to the destination by UPS staff. In addition to international express, we also do air FOB,DDP, sea FOB,DDP,LCL,FCL. If you would like to know more, please contact Jerry at the following contact information: Email:Jerry@epolar-zj.com Skpye:live:.cid.2d48b874605325fe Whatsapp:+008615157231969

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